Explore Canada: Gros Morne NL

Like many National Parks, Gros Morne National Park has the tree jewels of big mountains, big water and big sky. But Gros Morne has a fourth jewel; big personality making  it jewel laden grandslam . 

As National Parks go, Gros Morne is a relatively new park established in 1976. Because of this there are many coastal communities within the park along Newfoundland’s west coast. Each Community with their memorable names such as Rocky Harbour, Woody Point and Cows Head have a proud and rich local history. However it is the people of these communities that give Gros Morne it’s big personality. Whether it is a casual encounter with a waitress or a shopkeeper,  the warm welcoming demeanor is always present. It seems that every sentence ends with love, honey or sweetheart. 

The province’s is storied history of song and famous Newfie humor is readily present and available. Local bars and pubs offer nightly entertainment that provide a party like atmosphere by demanding unfettered audience participation. 

For those who prefer a more formal setting for their viewing pleasure the Gros Morne Theatre Festival offers a series of plays and concerts all steeped in local history, songs and laughter.

The physical features of Gros Morne are breathtaking. It seems that wherever you look the is a postcard perfect view in front of you. Some memorable sights include the Table Top Mountains, picturesque seaside towns and lighthouses that dot the coast. There are numerous hiking trails from easy to difficult. The beach at Shallow Bay offer hours of walking and exploration with it’s massive sand dunes. 

The highlight for most people is the hike into West Brook Pond followed by a boat tour of the Fjord. There no question that this magnificent combination of sparkling water and towering rock walls is a national treasure. 

All business at Gros Morne are owned and operated by local people. I found the absence of national brands refreshing. All forms of accommodation are available. Motels, Bed and Breakfasts, Cottages along with campgrounds can be found throughout the park. Restaurants featuring local specialties of seafood and moose are also abundant. 

Gros Morne is a feast or the eyes and the heart. If you have not been to Gros Morne National Park it should on your bucket list. You will not be disappointed. Promise!!! 


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