Flight Tips and Snips

We flew in a Boeing 777-300 aircraft. It is a beautiful jetliner and even the economy seat were quite comfortable. There are plenty of nice sized washrooms so waiting was minimal. The plane is equipped with all the modern amenities such as a touch screen at every seat where you can access flight information, entertainment like new movies and music. Needless to say there is enough to keep you entertained even on a 12 plus hour flight.

Every seat had a blanket and a pillow as is customary on inter-continental flights. Three meals were served during our journey. They were pretty good for modern day airline food and snacks such as pretzels, cookies and bottled water were available at any time throughout the trip. I would sum up by saying the flight was routine and uneventful. Also the Air Canada cabin crew provided excellent service.

Travel Tip

For this flight we could not pre-select our  seats. Which in this case was a bit of a blessing. We were seated at the rear of the plane which for many is a problem because it sometimes results in a rougher ride. On the up side if there are going to be empty seats it will be in the rear of the aircraft. So on this flight, like on about 50% of our inter-continental flights, we had an empty seat between us. This extra space on a long flight is a real bonus. It’s not an upgrade to first class but still very welcomed.


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